Are You A True Twilight Fan?

Are you a true Twilight fan if you are prove yourself and take the ultimate Twilight quiz if you fail it is ok just re -read and become a twilighter once and for all and brag to all your friends?

Have fun and remember looking up the answers proves you are a wimp, a failure, and you think that you are a cool person but news flash! Your just a stupid idiot who needs to get a life. Now lets take this quiz!

Created by: Frani
  1. What does Edward say when he saves Bella and she says "How did you get here so fast?"
  2. What does Jacob happens to Bella's hand when Jacob kisses her?
  3. Where does Edward take Bella by surprise?
  4. What are Alice and Edward powers?
  5. What does Jessica Stanley say about Edward when Bella first sees him?
  6. What does Bella tell Mike and other guys when they ask her to prom?
  7. What is Jacob's last name?
  8. What are Jacob's two best friends names?
  9. What note does Edward leave Bella?
  10. "Why am I covered in feathers?" who says that? And where?
  11. What is so special about Bella's new car?
  12. What is killing Bella in Breaking Dawn?
  13. What does Edward say about brown being Bella's favorite color?
  14. What does Edward do when he finds out Bella is pregnant?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Twilight Fan?