Are you a true Twilight fanatic?

There are lots of people who are all like "...OMG!! I AM LIKE THE BIGGEST TWILIGHT FAN THAT HAS EVER LIVED!!!..." But we all know they are probably not!!

So...if you think you are a true twilight fanatic...try out this quiz and see if you are...the TRUE TWILIGHT FANATIC!!!I hope you have fun and learn about things you never knew happened in the Twilight Sage before...Good Luck to you all!

Created by: Amanda
  1. Okay, this one's easy!! What is the order of the twilight books (from first to last)?
  2. What is the name of Edward's 'favourite' sister?
  3. Who is Jacob Black to Bella?
  4. In Breaking Dawn, Bella goes to see a man (who Alice recomended) in Seattle that goes by names of
  5. What is Leah Clearwater?
  6. In New Moon, who became Bella's best friend?
  7. What happened to Bella whenever she was doing something dangerous or adrenaline-anticipated in New Moon?
  8. In Eclipse, what was taken from Bella's room and by who?
  9. In Twilight the movie, what were Bella's theories of what Edward really was?
  10. In Eclipse what does Jacob hear, from Bella and Edward in their tent that makes him sad and runaway?
  11. In Breaking Dawn, how many vampire covens came to witness/fight for Reneesme against the Volturi?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Twilight fanatic?