Are You and Twilight Geek?

There are very few people who are true fans of these books. I'm just here to pick them out. If your a true genius and you know what a FAQ means and you've been to stephenie's website you shouldn't have a problem.

Are YOU a true geek of twilight? Do you have the geekieness to be a true geek. I hope so I want people to care about edward and bella even if they aren't real I hope you do. Thanks to this quiz, in a few minutes YOU will find out.

Created by: sarah
  1. What Is Bella's Full Name?
  2. When Did Edward Die?
  3. When Are Edward and Bella getting married?
  4. What Kind of Scent does bella have?
  5. Why Does Edward Leave In New Moon?
  6. In Eclipse Why Is jacob Staring at bella so hard?(nt in the book)
  7. Why does bella do crazy insane things in new moon?
  8. What is with the apple on the cover of twilight?
  9. What CD is Bella listening to in Chapter Seven?
  10. How come Alice and Jasper can affect Bella with their supernatural powers, but Edward and Aro and Jane can't?
  11. What did Edward break in the living room after the vote?(nt in book)
  12. What does the title "new moon" refer to?
  13. Who is the hunter?
  14. Who plays edward and bella in the movie coming out?

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Quiz topic: Am I and Twilight Geek?