Know Your Twilight?

There are many Twilight lovers, but few truly know EVERYTHING about it. Everything is, after all, quite a lot. What is a Twilight? Twilight is a book that is about vampires and is extraordinarily written, and is the best novel ever.

Are YOU a Twilight genius? Do you know EVERYTHING there is to know? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Brooke
  1. Who almost kills Bella in Twilight?
  2. What does Bella do to hear Edward's voice in New Moon?
  3. Who does Edward kill in Eclipse?
  4. What is Bella's child's name in Breaking dawn?
  5. What did Bella tell her mother when she got hurt by James in Twilight?
  6. Who does Edward try to get to kill him in New Moon?
  7. Who is on a killing spree in Eclipse?
  8. Where does Bella get married in Breaking Dawn?
  9. That's it for those questions. Now I'M going to give you an event, and you tell me what book it happened in. In which book does Bella meet Edward?
  10. In which book does Edward leave Bella?
  11. In which book does Victoria get eliminated?
  12. In which book does Bella become Jacob's best friend?
  13. In which book does Bella become a vampire?
  14. In which book does Edward purpose to Bella?
  15. In which book is Jacob NOT a werewolf?
  16. Which book has the most pages?
  17. In which book does Jacob tell some of the story?
  18. Which book is coming out as a movie in November '09?
  19. In which book does Bella beat Emmett at arm wrestling?
  20. And finally, in Twilight, Bella said to Edward "What if someone dared you to eat food? What would you do?" And Edward said "If someone dared you to eat ____, could you?" Fill in the blank.

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