Quiz for all Twilight fans

There are many smart people and many not but some who take this test will be a #1 Twilight fan. You never know it might be you or it might be somebody else but you never know it might be me!

Are YOU a genius? If your not then try my test ( quiz ). If you are into Twilight you might be there #1 fan. So take the test and see if you are or not. You never know until you find out!

Created by: Meg Harrison
  1. Who did Carlisle first make into a vampire?
  2. What is Jaspers last name?
  3. Before moving to Forks, where did Bella live with her Mum?
  4. In which class do Bella and Edward first officially meet?
  5. What's the name of Bella's step Dad?
  6. What is the first sentence of the book\movie?
  7. What is James vampire skill?
  8. How much money does Jacob's Dad bribe him to talk to Bella at the prom?
  9. Who's driving the truck that almost hits Bella in the school parking lot?
  10. In the movie, what sport does Bella play ( badly )on her first day at school?

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