My Twilight Saga Quiz

There are several types of Twilight fans. Some fanatic and others just like to read. These quiz is just to ask a simple questions about the books, to know if you truly were into the book!

Are you a Twilight Fan? Then try this quiz! Where you will find some questions that will make you think! Or perhaps you're already a HUGE TWILIGHT FAN and don¬ęt need to prove it! Do you?

Created by: Nerwen
  1. Who wrote "Twilight Saga"?
  2. What is Bella's full name at the end of "Breaking Dawn"?
  3. When was Edward born?
  4. What is Carlisle real name?
  5. Who is Angela Weber's boyfriend in "Eclipse"?
  6. How did Esme was turned?
  7. Who is Renesmee Carlie Cullen?
  8. Who says "Bella, Edward is only human..." in the third book?
  9. Who drove a Aston Martin Vanquish on "Breaking Dawn"?
  10. Did Bella received her "after Car"?
  11. In which book did Edward "proposed" with a ring and everything?
  12. Who said "And speaking of Italy and sport cars I stole there, you still own me a yellow porsche!" in "Eclipse"?
  13. Who was James?

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