How Well Do U Know The Twlight Saga

There are many people that think that they know all about the Twilight Saga. Some people think they know nothing about the Twilight Saga. You will be surprised what you make on this quiz.

Do you think you know the Twilight Saga? To test your skills take this quiz and soon you will find out how much you realy know about the Twilight Saga.

Created by: Cassidy Romans
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  1. What did Bella do when Edward winked at her the first time she saw him in the cafeteria?
  2. What part of the book did they take out from Twilight the movie?
  3. Did bella get pregnet?
  4. What book did Bella get pregnet in?
  5. How many battles have the Cullens and Bella been in?
  6. Who did Bella marry?
  7. What did Jacob do to Bella at the end of Eclipse?
  8. What book did Bella get married in?
  9. What is Bella's baby's name?
  10. What type of car did Alice drive to save Edward from the Volturi?

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