Eclipse Quiz*~ Do you know the book?

How well acquainted with Eclipse, from the Twilight Saga? Do you know the smallest details to the largest plot question? Do you know about the characters? Who they are? What they are? How they became what they are today?

You are about to find out how well you know Eclipse! Are you a genius? should you read it again? Can you get a 100%? Or will you get below 50? Find out now!

Created by: Catherine
  1. Sue Clearwater is the mother of...?
  2. What was the name of the first vampire to make an army of newborns?
  3. Jasper was changed during...?
  4. What does Jacob give Bella as a graduation gift?
  5. What does Bella want from Edward before she agrees to marry him?
  6. What is the name of the sadistic vampire who wants Bella dead?
  7. Why does Victoria want to kill Bella?
  8. What does Edward tell Jacob to go fetch when he, Jacob, and Bella are in the tent before the big fight?
  9. Who is Jacob's great grandfather
  10. Who changed Jasper?
  11. How old was Jasper when he joined the army?
  12. Who was Victoria's right hand vampire?

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Quiz topic: Eclipse Quiz*~ do I know the book?