what kind of person is your oc!

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curious about your oc? this is a test to see what type of person they are! (idk if its 100% accurate bc I was basing it off of some of my oc's but yeah! XD)have fun!

oooooooooooh~! btw the different results you can get are Cinnamon roll, Cool kid, Class clown, Chill kid, evil/popular kid, bestie and loner! btw, you can also use this quiz as yourself and see what you get :)

Created by: kio of my ocsss are here jsyk! ^^
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  1. okay! first, how many friends does your oc have?
  2. what's their clothing style?
  3. when people see them they...
  4. At parties they're...
  5. (answer "yes" if the following applies) they are loved by everyone around them!
  6. (answer "yes" if the following applies) people find them very intimidating
  7. (answer "yes" if the following applies) They never fail to make anyone smile/laugh
  8. (answer "yes" if the following applies) they're easy to open up to
  9. (answer "yes" if the following applies)they've killed people before
  10. (Answer " yes" if the following applies) they would DIE for their friends
  11. (Answer "yes" if the following applies) they hate being around people
  12. (answer "yes" if the following applies) they're a genuinely good person
  13. (Answer "yes" if the following applies" they're hard to hate

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Quiz topic: What kind of person is my oc!