The ThomaSexy Quiz!!

Who is ThomaSexy? We all know that smile, and we all enjoy his kindness, but what makes him the person that he is? What motivates him to put others first? Maybe if we got into his head a little bit, we can understand the mindset of a caring, loving, and completely unselfish person.... and of course we can learn cool stuff about him too. Hehe.

Is ThomaSexy YOUR friend? Do you think you know him? You think you know, but you have no idea! Find out if you truly know this super sweet n' savvy stud ThomaSexy. You may be surprised! But then again, you may just be bored on My Space and just felt like taking this quiz because you have nothing better to do. In any case, you need to take this quiz.

Created by: ThomaSexy
  1. I'm 1/3 Mexican. What is my other nationality?
  2. What's my favorite color?
  3. When's my REAL birthday?
  4. What's my favorite movie?
  5. How many siblings do I have?
  6. How many years have I been at my currect job? (As of February 2007)
  7. What's my dream in life?
  8. Which of these statements about me is not true?
  9. How many girls have I kissed?
  10. Which one of these things do I NOT like to do?
  11. All these things make a woman undateable to me except for one. What one thing doesn't affect whether I'll fall in love with someone or not?
  12. Which type of music do I NOT like?
  13. What type of food do I NOT like?
  14. What's my favorite alcoholic beverage?
  15. Why does it seem like I'm always in a good mood?

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