Who Said What? From Twilight Saga

There are many people who believe they know Twilight Saga. But, do you know who said what??? Do you want to know who said what??? Can you know??? Will you know??? Are you sure you know???

In this quiz, will you be able to master it??? In this quiz, will you be able to know without cheating??? Find out in my all new quiz!!! Some of these questions are hard, some not, but just so you know, it is all the way enjoyable. Enjoy!!!

Created by: Bella Cullen
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  1. "I love you. Bella." Who said it?
  2. "W-w-w-what t-t-time is it?" Who said it?
  3. "Be Safe"
  4. "'The Cold Ones'"
  5. "Do you remember the stories I told you?"
  6. "How's your arm?" "Who cares about my stupid arm?"
  7. "All part of the lie, love."
  8. "How can you say that?"
  9. "Stay very still."
  10. "You...don't...want me?" "No."
  11. "...one of us could even sit out."

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