How much do YOU know the twilight saga?

There are many people who think they know Twilight. If your wondering if your one of those people, take this quiz and you'll see. There is only twelve questions. It is fun, fast and easy.

If you take it and you got zero percent, then you don't know the Twilight saga one little bit. read the books and you will know it alot better. The books give you alot more detail and everything, too.

Created by: Lulu
  1. who wrote the twilight saga?
  2. Is the book Twilight about:
  3. In New Moon, who saves Edward?
  4. In which book does Victoria die?
  5. In what book does Bella find out that Jacob is an werewolf?
  6. In what book does Edward leave Bella?
  7. What is Bella's new favorite gemstone?
  8. In Twilight when Edward saves bella from getting hit by a van, who was the driver?
  9. In Breaking Dawn, Bella has a baby. What is her name?
  10. LAST QUESTION In Eclipse, Who kills Victoria?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the twilight saga?