Do you know the Twilight Saga?

There are many people who call themselves fans of Twilight. But there are few whor are truly fans! An ordinary fan is no one special. So you need to take this quiz and find out if you are a true fan.

Are you a fan? Are you a true fan? Or are you obsessed? I am obsessed! That is the highest you can be. Take this quiz and find out what you are! It takes 10 minutes at the most! Come on take the quiz! You know you want to...

Created by: Nikki
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  1. When was Edward turned into vampire and why?
  2. Who all are the Cullens in Breaking Dawn?
  3. In Breaking Dawn what does Edward refer Bella as?
  4. What was Bella's first supposed power as a new born vampire?
  5. Why does Edward go to the Volturi in New Moon?
  6. Who was the creator of the New Born Vampire army in Eclipse?
  7. What is Bella and Edward's baby's name?
  8. In which book does Bella find out about Edward
  9. How many pages is Breaking Dawn?
  10. In what book does Edward ask Bella to marry him?
  11. How many werewolves are there in Breaking Dawn?
  12. What is the first image Renesmee gives Bella?
  13. How old was Bella when she became pregnant with Renesmee and where?
  14. How does Alice and Jasper greet after the flight home from Italy
  15. Why does Alice and Jasper leave the family in Breaking Dawn?
  16. What does Edward call it when he leaves Bella in New Moon?
  17. In Twilight where did Edward go after the first time he met Bella?
  18. How does Charlie take the news about Edward marrying Bella?

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