The official cullen quiz

Are you a true twilight saga fan? If you are this quiz is for you, come on dont be afraid.... TRY IT! It will prove how twilight worthy you really are, and come on dont you want to know! If i hadnt made this i would want to!

You will find your true twilighter status if you would just take this quiz! CLICK HERE, edward is waiting on the big screen. this will also tell you if you will understand the movie, when you go to see it!

Created by: macey
  1. In the book Breaking Dawn, what did bella and edward name their baby?
  2. what was the name of the vampire tracker that almost killed bella in twilight?
  3. What is the name of the perky, spiky haired sister of edwards?
  4. What is the name of the alpha wolf in jacobs pack?
  5. Where does edward take bella when they were supposed to go to seattle?
  6. Why did victoria want to kill bella?
  7. When does bella tell charlie about renesmee?
  8. What does the family give edward and bella as a birthday/newly wed gift?
  9. Who changes bella into a vampire?
  10. Who does bella arm wrestle and win?
  11. Where do alice and jasper go to get help against the volturis?
  12. Who plays Edward Cullen in the New upcoming movie "TWILIGHT"?

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