Wicked Charm's Vampire Personality Match

The Cullen family (Olympic Coven) is probably one of the most remarked and beloved in all of modern fiction. All of them are so beautiful and they are all unique from a different background.

Have you ever wondered which of the Cullen vampires you were most like? Find out by taking my quiz. It will take a few short minutes to compare your personality.

Created by: Wicked Charm
  1. which best describes you?
  2. What would you take to your next life?
  3. Your ideal look is:
  4. your secret weapon would be?
  5. Do you have a God-complex?
  6. What is your specialty?
  7. At prom You would be...
  8. your ideal car is
  9. The worst smell in the world is:
  10. Your features are:
  11. Personal style:
  12. Your role is
  13. Your reaction to evolution would be:
  14. The most tempting smell is?
  15. Your religious views of vampires are:
  16. Your name is

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