how well do u know edward cullen?

the quiz is about edward cullen and you can learn alot about edward this way and you need to really take the quiz because it is fun. he is a god character and i chose to do this topic because the twilight series is my favorite and you should try my quiz for some fun or just for entertainment.

so try the quiz and find out how much you know about edward cullen. the results are fair and the questions are not that hard. the more effort you put into the questions the easier they are.for you should really try my quiz it can be fun.

Created by: amanda trigloff
  1. how old is edward?
  2. what is edward special power?
  3. who does he date?
  4. when does his eyes change color?
  5. what kind of car does he drive?
  6. does he wear glasses?
  7. what town does he live in?
  8. is he adopted?
  9. who made him a vampire?
  10. where does he meet bella?

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