Teenage Love Affair (Part 4)

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The Boys: Scott – The extremely hot, popular, jock(Mainly football and basketball), who has a tan, six-pack, sandy (dirt blonde) hair, and ocean blue eyes. Ashton – The sensitive, nice, funny, boy with freckles, who has dark side-swept brunette hair, and crisp green eyes. Chase – The handsome, compassionate, sporty boy (Different from Scott, plays soccer and lacrosse), who has blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. James – The mysterious, talented, emo who has ebony black side-weeping hair with bangs covering one eye, and baby blue eyes.

Created by: Julia
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  1. Scott grabs your backpack smiles and says, "I dreamt about your beautiful face."
  2. You look at him quizzically and reply, "But, you didn't even know me until yesterday." Scott shrugs, "Yeah...I just feel like I've known you forever though." Bluntly you say, "Mhm and I bet you say that to ever girl you meet." You grab your backpack and walk ahead of him. "Come on ________, we may have just met, but I feel like we have some sort of connection."
  3. Scott grabs your shoulder so you can face him, "Haven't you ever felt that way about someone?" You struggle with your answer...
  4. "Umm, I felt that way about my ex-boyfriend," you say with a shrug. Scott rolls his eyes, "Well you obviously got over him quickly." You're dumbfounded by his response and ask, "Why do you say that?!" Scott snorts, "Don't act so innocent. I saw you kissing Chase the other day!"
  5. "Why do you have to be so rude all the time!" you yell. Scott stops walking and looks at the ground, "I'm sorry," he whispers. He looks at you again, "I just get so mad all the time, I can't help myself. When I saw you with him it killed me. Then I felt this jealous rage rise up inside of me. I've never felt that way about anyone before..."
  6. "Well if you didn't want to see me with him you should've walked me home!" you shout at him. Scott takes a deep breath and replies, "I know, I just didn't expect to see you there eavesdropping on us." You are too frustrated to reply so Scott continues, "I realized when I was walking away how much of a fool I was. I decided to try to catch up to you and apologize, but it was too late. Chase was already kissing you..."
  7. You're not sure how to reply so you both walk in silence for a bit. Westfield High School soon comes into view and you hear the bell ring. Scott looks at you, "Bye _____, and I'm sorry about everything I said."
  8. You watch as Scott walks away, then you redirect your attention to try to find your next class. Fewer and fewer students are around until the hallways and courtyards are empty. You soon feel lost. Your footsteps echo against the walls as you walk down a corridor. You exit the corridor into a beautiful courtyard. "Hmm, I think I'll just skip class for now" you think to yourself. Where do you want to go...
  9. You decide to go to the patch of lawn that you had seen the day before. You remember that it was a great tanning spot, so you head in that direction. To your astonishment you find out that the patch of lawn is actually a rolling hill. "How could I have not noticed that?" you wonder. You walk onto the grass and gasp at the stunning view it has. You can see everything from here, parts of the school, the parking lot, and even some of the town. What do you want to do now...?
  10. You choose to stay and lie down in the grass. The first few minutes are okay until, you start to hear a scratching sound coming from the school parking lot. You try to ignore it, but the sound continues and seems to multiply. You sit up to try to see what the source of the sound is, but the sun is in your eyes. What do you want to do?
  11. You decide to get up and go find out what is causing that sound. You start to walk towards the parking lot. As you get closer, you begin to hear voices and laughter. You walk a bit farther and the parking lot comes into full view. You see the source of the sound"s", skateboarders. You count the skateboards and there are only four. Now what?
  12. Uh-oh, it seems as if the skateboards have noticed you because they start to skate your way. Your stomach does flips when you see the gorgeous skateboarder closest to you. He skates up to you, "Hey," he says with a smile. "Hi," you reply faintly. He laughs at your expression, "My name is Anthony. My friends are Evan, Justin, and Bryan." To your disappointment Anthony's friends aren't as good looking as him, but you don't mind.
  13. "So..." Anthony begins to say...
  14. So who are you falling for?

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