Teenage Love Affair (Part 3)

Recently because of family matters you’ve had to move and change high schools. You’re now the new kid at Westfield High. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know anything about the school, and your still trying to get over your (ex) boyfriend that you left at your old high school. Last time on Teenage Love Affair: You heard Scott, Chase, Ashton, and James talking behind some bushes. You accidentally stumbled and they have come out to investigate.

The Boys: Scott – The extremely hot, popular, jock(Mainly football and basketball), who has a tan, six-pack, sandy (dirt blonde) hair, and ocean blue eyes. Ashton – The sensitive, nice, funny, boy with freckles, who has dark side-swept brunette hair, and crisp green eyes. Chase – The handsome, compassionate, sporty boy (Different from Scott, plays soccer and lacrosse), who has blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. James – The mysterious, talented, emo who has ebony black side-weeping hair with bangs covering one eye, and baby blue eyes.

Created by: Julia
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  1. Chase appears from behind some shrubbery. Following him are Ashton, Scott, and James. “_________, what are you doing here?” asks Chase. You reply…
  2. “Umm walking home?” You say with a shrug. “Well you should be heading home,” Scott mutters as he walks in the other direction. Storm clouds rumble over head. “Hmm, looks like a storm is coming. You know _________ you really should be going home.” James adds. Ashton smiles and says good bye, leaving you and Chase alone. Chase looks at the incoming storm clouds and says, “I could walk you home…”
  3. You start to head home with Chase. As you do many questions fill your mind, but you’re not sure which ones to ask. You decide to come clean, “I heard you all talking in the bushes…”. Chase becomes rigged for a second, but keeps walking. “Well…” you say, “aren’t you going to tell me what happened over the summer?” Chase sighs and looks at you, “________, it’s too complicated, I can’t, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  4. Chase quickly changes the subject, “So what did you do over the summer?” Emotionlessly you say, “I broke up with my boyfriend.” Chase seems troubled by this, “Oh I’m sorry…” You shrugged, “It’s not your fault.” You walk for a while in silence. Chase finally decides to start the conversation again, “So what’s your favorite animal?”
  5. “I love dogs!” you say with a smile. “Oh really?” Chase says playfully, “Well that’s good.” You find this odd and ask, “Why?” Chase’s grin grows bigger as if he has a secret, “Because, if you ever come over to my house you’ll have to deal with my 3 dogs.”
  6. A drop of water lands on your head, then another, and another. It seems as if the heavens have been ripped open because the rain pours down like an ocean. Chase laughs, grabs your hand, and runs through the rain. “You know there are two things I’ve always wanted to do in the rain,” he says. “Oh yeah what’s that?” you ask. “Dance in the rain,” he says as he twirls you around. “And the other thing?” you inquire. Chase brushes the hair out of your face and whispers, “Kiss you.”
  7. Chase leans forward and kisses you on the lips. “See you tomorrow,” he murmurs. You are so dazzled that you don't notice that you have arrived at your house. “Good bye…” you say as you watch him wonder off into the rain. A thought occurs to you…
  8. Whatever the thought was it suddenly dissolves as the memory of the kiss floods your mind. You walk into your house, up to your room, and lay down on your bed. Dizzily, you replay the memory over and over again as you slip into a deep sleep. Your dreams soon betray you as they turn into nightmares. ~~~You’re walking in a field of rye when James suddenly appears. “No! _________, run!” he shouts. You turn behind you and see wild rabid animals with horrifying black eyes stampeding towards you. You try and try with all your might to run, but it’s no use, the animals are soon upon you. To your great surprise they leap past you and rush towards James. In a flash they leap for his flesh. A blood curdling scream erupts from his throat as he falls to the ground. Many thoughts cross your mind…
  9. ~~~You dare not look at James, but at that moment you hear Scott’s voice. “Come on, ______ we have to get away from here.” You turn to look for Scott, but the last thing you see is his godlike face disappearing behind a mutated animals jaw. You scream in horror and run in the other direction. The beasts finally notice your presence and redirect their attention to you. They spring to attack and…~~~ you scream and sit up in your bed. Sweat is beating down your forehead and you’re panting as if you have just run three miles. You hear a tormented creature howl in agony off in the distance.
  10. A shiver runs up your spin as you notice a figure moving outside your window. You are too freaked out to go investigate so you cover your head with your sheets. -z -z -z -z – You wake up in the morning with the sun shining through your window. You give a sigh of relief that you made it through the night. You get changed and prepare yourself for school. You grab your backpack and open the front door only to find Scott standing on your front porch. “Oh, hi,” he says in surprise, “I came to see if you wanted an escort to school.” You look at him, shrug, and decide to forgive him for his rude behavior the other day. You ask,
  11. You ask, “So, what did you do over the summer?” Scott grabs your backpack smiles and says….
  12. Who are you falling for?

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