Teenage Love Affair (Part 8)

Part 8 is finished! Thanks again for all your support, comments, ect. Also thank you to everyone and anyone who has taken my quizzes! I hope you enjoy this one!

The Boys: Scott – The extremely hot, popular, jock(Mainly football and basketball), who has a tan, six-pack, sandy (dirt blonde) hair, and baby blue eyes. Ashton – The sensitive, nice, funny, boy with freckles, who has dark side-swept brunette hair, and crisp green eyes. Chase – The handsome, compassionate, sporty boy (Different from Scott, plays soccer and lacrosse), who has blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. James – The mysterious, talented, emo who has ebony black side-weeping hair with bangs covering one eye, and ocean blue eyes. Anthony – The charming skater/surfer boy, who has somewhat long messy light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Created by: Julia

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  1. “It’s too bad I have to kill you,” Anthony says as he pulls the gun away from your back, “But there is something I have to tell you, I don’t want to—” Someone interrupts him before he can finish. Chase emerges from the bushes with a gun in his hands. “Let her go,” he shouts. Chase becomes frustrated when Anthony doesn’t reply. “Very well,” Chase says as he points his gun, “You give me no choice.” What should you do?
  2. Chase pulls the trigger and a loud blast explodes in the night. Without thinking you jump in front of the bullet. You scream in pain as the bullet hits you in the leg. “No!!!!!” Chase and Anthony both shout. Anthony glares at Chase, “This is all your fault, you’ll pay for this.” He glances at you one last time and then disappears into the night. Chase rushes to your side. You stare in horror at the large amount of blood that you are losing. “Chase…,” you begin to say. Before you can say anymore your head begins to spin, your vision blurs, and then you blackout.
  3. You wake up and find yourself in a bedroom that you’ve never seen before. You look around the room; it is fairly big, the walls are painted baby blue, and there is one big circular window opposite of the bed. You look over at the window and gasp, the view is of the ocean. To your surprise the bedroom door flies open and Chase, James, Ashton, and Scott walk in.
  4. “_________, we have something to tell you,” says James. “What is it?” you ask uneasily. There is a long pause, but then Ashton says bluntly, “We’re spies.”
  5. Before you can say anything Chase speaks up, “We’ve been trying to protect you for the past few weeks.” You look at them dumbfounded and say, “Protect me from what?!” Chase sighs, “People are trying to kill you because you’re the last heir of a royal bloodline.”
  6. “Well, how come I never knew about this?” you ask. Chase comes and sits down on the bed next to you, “You use to remember, but then you had a terrible accident over the summer. Your head was badly damaged because of the accident and it caused you to have amnesia.”
  7. You look at Chase, “Wait, are you talking about the car crash I was in?” Chase nods, “You weren’t hit by a drunk driver; you were hit by an assassin. He crashed his car head-on into yours. Both your parents died, but you managed to survive. When you recovered from the crash you couldn’t remember anything. Time went on and still you couldn’t remember, so the doctors thought it would be best if we didn’t remind you of your heritage. Our agency moved you to a new location, made up a story to tell you, and ordered they’re best spies to protect you.”
  8. You take a deep breath and say, “So you’re telling me my whole life is a lie? My ‘mother’ is a spy and people want to kill me.” The boys nod gravely. You try to get up, but a searing pain shoots through your leg. “Oh, don’t move!” cries Ashton, “your leg hasn’t had time to heal from the shot.” You look away from them and mumble, “Can you give me some time alone? I need to think about what is happening to me.” The boys look at one another, “Yeah sure, just come down stairs when you start to feel better,” says James. You listen sadly as they walk out of the room and leave you alone. You turn to look out the window again, but you gasp when you see Scott still in the room.
  9. Scott takes a step towards you, “There are some things I need to tell you.” You glance at him, “Okay…tell me.” He looks out the window and mutters, “Your ‘ex-boyfriend’, Nick, was a spy. You use to know me before your accident and you’d always tell me that you weren’t in love with him. Remember when I told you that we had some sort of connection? Well I was trying to see if you would remember me, but I guess it didn’t work. You use to love me. I don’t want to hurt you, but you have to know that because of me, you cheated on Nick”
  10. Scott runs his hand through his hair, “One more thing, people are NOT just trying to kill you because you’re a royal heir. They want to kill you because of something special your family has kept secret from the world. Once they kill you they won’t have to worry about it anymore.” Intrigued you ask, “So what is this secret?” Just then, Scott’s cell phone rings. He looks at you apologetically, “Sorry, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” You sigh when he leaves and think about…
  11. You hear a tapping at your door and turn to see who it is. James opens the door and walks in with a smile. “So,” he says, “Want to see the rest of my house?” You gap, “This is your house?!” James chuckles, “Of course it is who else has a house on the ocean?” You try to get up, but have a hard time walking. “Would you like me to carry you?” asks James.
  12. “Sure,” you say as James leans toward you. You stare into each others eyes before he picks you up. He carries you down a spiral stair case, through some hallways, and finally down another grand stairway. You gasp when you see the entry hall; a beautiful crystal chandler hands from the ceiling, huge windows give stunning views of the ocean, and the décor gives the house an old fashion feel. “Do you like it?” he asks. Astonished beyond words you nod. “Well this is just the beginning, wait until you see the rest.” He leads you outside towards the backyard. James finally sets you down on a lovely white bench that has a nice view of the ocean.
  13. You decide to bring up something that has been troubling you lately, “Why is Anthony trying to kill me? Was he a spy too? Is he …bad?” Troubled by this James picks a flower from the ground and replies, “Yes, he is a spy and of course he is bad.” He twirls the flower around and then hands it to you, “I should have attacked him when I saw him in the parking lot with you, but I knew you wouldn’t understand. His friends are spies as well; they could have killed you right then and there.”
  14. James takes the flower from you again and this time he puts it in your hair. You glance at him and ask, “Scott was telling me about this secret my family has. What is it?” James shrugs, “Only you know, but since you have amnesia it looks like you’ll never remember.” You gap, “Well if I can’t remember then why are people trying to kill me!” “As long as I’m around no one will ever kill you,” James murmurs as he kisses you lovingly on the lips.
  15. Suddenly you hear ferocious barking and you turn to see three huge black German Sheppards bounding your way. A shiver runs down your spine when you hear a scream in the distance. The dogs leap at you with their powerful jaws ready to attack, but then…
  16. Who will it be this time?

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