what yugioh card type are you?

have you always wondered what yugioh card type you are? well wonder no more figure out if your wind,fire,water,light,dark, or earth. just take my quiz to figure out!

are you good or bad? dark or light? fire or water? Well this quiz tells you what yugioh card type you are Water,Fire,Dark,Light,Earth,or Wind. In just minutes find out!

Created by: nick
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  1. Someone drops their wallat but dosent notice what would you do?
  2. a little girl asks you for help to find her lost doll what would you do?
  3. some one gives you a dog and runs away what would you do?
  4. someone hands you a blank check what would you do?
  5. someone threatens you what do you do?
  6. Some one challenges you to a duel what do you do?
  7. a girl you know who stole from you in 2nd grade. has stolen from a bank.but says she has changed. what do you do?
  8. your relative dies what do you do?
  9. some one breaks into your house what do you do?
  10. your friend needs help what do you do?

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Quiz topic: What yugioh card type am I?