Which YuGiOh Character Are You Like ?

Ever wondered if your personality exists in YuGiOh? Here's is your chance to find out. Take the quiz and learn who YuGiOh character is mostly like you.

Well, are you a friend? Or are you challenger? Maybe its the hard life of a millionaire that suits you best? Or is it the darkness that appeals to you? Let's stop the smart talk and take the quiz!

Created by: Dartz
  1. You walk in the street and you see a bully punching a poor guy. What do you do ?
  2. You win you opponent . What do you do after ?
  3. What's your favorite colour ?
  4. What's your favorite card ?
  5. Which Spell Card is the best in your opinion ?
  6. You lose a duel. What do you do ?
  7. Somebody challenges you. What do you do ?
  8. You consider yourself good or evil?
  9. Wou want a specific card very much. What do you do ?
  10. You liked this quiz ?

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Quiz topic: Which YuGiOh Character am I Like ?