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Many of you may wonder: What qualifies as a true duelist. Well, here's the answer: Take this quiz! Test your knowledge on Yugioh to figure out how good you are in this card game.

This is basically the test Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale took to enter the Duel Academy. Do you think you are skilled enough to pass this quiz or will you come back next year?

Created by: Wonjune of Yugioh DB
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  1. Which one of these monsters have the highest level?
  2. In the Yugioh 5ds manga volume 3, which free card does it give you?
  3. Which one of these cards does Jack Atlas not possess?
  4. A little harder:Which one of these cards is forbidden?
  5. Which one of these spell cards is a continuous spell card?
  6. There are many "number" Xyz monsters. Which one of the "number" monster below does not exist?
  7. Which monster is not a tuner monster?
  8. In the Battle Pack 3: Monster League, which monster can you not get in this booster pack?
  9. Medium Level:Which monster is not a Wind attribute?
  10. In which yugioh pack can the card "Raigeki" cannot be found?
  11. In which Special Edition box can you get the chance to claim "The Winged Dragon of Ra" card as a variant card?
  12. Which Yugioh Hidden Arsenal booster pack can give you the most "Jurrac" monsters?

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