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There are several types of war fairing duelist in this world. Some are good while some are great. Some go on to become legends in their own right, while others are just failures who become worse off through warring than they were originally. Hopefully this test can help you understand what kind of duelist you are and where you belong.

Are you a great duelist capable of leading a team, or soloing wars on your own, or are you failure as a duelist who can't duel their way out of a wet paper bag? Take this quiz and in just a few minutes you can find out where you stand!

Created by: Cait

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  1. First question; What is your preferred play style?
  2. Next question. Pick an attribute you prefer.
  3. Next question; Pick the archetype you like most of these.
  4. Next question; Pick another archetype of you prefer.
  5. Next question; Out of these 6 cards which would you use most in your deck?
  6. Next question; Which one of these monsters are you most likely to use?
  7. Next question; How do you like to play the game?
  8. Next question; Which of these dragon based decks do you prefer?
  9. Next question; Out of these decks pick your LEAST favorite.
  10. Next question; Pick your favorite of these "meta" decks.
  11. Next Question; Pick the type you like most of these types.
  12. Next question; Pick your favorite of these sub-types.
  13. Next question; How often do you ladder(play rated)?
  14. Next question; How often do you war duel?
  15. Last question; If you could join any team which one would it be?

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