What war duelist are you quiz?

There are many duelist in this world. Some who are good and some who are great while they're are some who are just pathetic. Some duelist are legends while others are infamous but the true question is what is a pro duelist?

What kind of war duelist are you? Are you even a war duelist at all? Are you a great duelist? A good duelist? Just average or a scrub who doesn't deserve to be in war duels? Take a few short minutes to find out with this new and improved quiz!

Created by: T@10N
  1. Pick an attribute you prefer.
  2. Pick the archetype you like most of these.
  3. Pick another archetype you like of these.
  4. Pick another archetype you like from this list.
  5. Pick another archetype you like.
  6. Alright off the archetypes; Pick a favorite sub-type.
  7. Pick another sub-type you prefer.
  8. Pick a type out of this list you prefer to use.
  9. Pick another type you prefer from this list.
  10. Pick the deck you prefer from this list.
  11. Pick another deck you prefer from this list.
  12. Pick another deck from the list you prefer.
  13. Pick another deck from the list you prefer.
  14. Pick another deck from the list that you prefer.
  15. Pick your LEAST favorite archetype from this list.
  16. Pick another LEAST favorite archetype.
  17. How often do you play rated?
  18. How often do play in real life?
  19. How many tournaments have you won both online and in real life?(Be honest)
  20. What percentage of your duels do you win?(Be honest)
  21. Which of these decks would you use?
  22. Which of the decks from this list would you use?
  23. Out of these cards which is your favorite?
  24. Which of these cards is your LEAST favorite?
  25. Last question of this long quiz; How long have you played?

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