How pro are you at yugioh?

"There are many duelist in the world, but few true geniuses. Duelist is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a duelist? A duelist is someone who has an extraordinarily deck, knows the rules of the game, and see the world through an entirely tournament with more and more new challenges.

Are YOU a duelist? Do you have the the knowledge of the rules and other sruff of the game? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this awsome quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out, if you are a duelist or a noobish!

Created by: Grigoris
  1. What Yu-Gi-Oh means?
  2. What Was(Is)in the 2009 Juny Meta Decks?
  3. Your attack your opponent's lower attack light monster with a higher attack one. Your opponent discard honest. What can you do to prevent the disaster?
  4. Which of these cards cannot counter a Gladiator Beast's taging in/taging out effect.
  5. Your opponent activates mystic tomato. What card cannot destroy/negate the card/the summoning of the comming card?
  6. What is the most imba card card in tcg?
  7. My opponent takes control of my stardust dragon. He activates his effect and he tributes the dragon. What hapens at the end phase?
  8. I summon black rose dragon my opponent uses bottomless I activate solemn judgement. Then I activate Black Rode Dragon's effect to destroy all cards on the field.
  9. I have a face-up royal oppression. I summon Grandmaster Of The Six Samurai, my opponent negates it and I am taking it to my hand,
  10. Can Elemental Hero Prisma dump a ranbow dragon, if you reaveal a Rainbow Neos?

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Quiz topic: How pro am I at yugioh?