your type of yu-gi-oh deck

here is my test to see what kind of yugioh deck you should have/create. i made this test at two o clock in the morning so excuse my grammar and spelling so have fun and heres the scenario:

you just went out and bought some yugioh cards and want to play well here is a test to help you get a deck going so have fun and dont get too much into it or you will get addicted or you will obtain official dork status

Created by: bobyjean

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you love your brand new high level monster card
  2. your in a duel do you trust that by chance your going to draw you best card
  3. you lost what do you do to your deck afterwords
  4. when you buy a new pack of cards what attracts your attention
  5. what is the best attack or defence
  6. when putting a deck together what comes first
  7. if someone asks you to duel what do you say
  8. if you loose a card what do you do
  9. how much money do you spend o new cards
  10. do you play yu-gi-oh often

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Quiz topic: My type of yu-gi-oh deck