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  • I'm not a noob, like this thing says. I'm actually one of the best in my school. I use a weird warrior deck that deals with special summoning, and xyz/synchro summoning. it's very affective, including against chaos dragon decks, oddly. I think a lot about strategic moves in my deck, but I honestly don't care if I lose. but you can't call me a noob just for that. I play the game for fun, not for any gain..... and I do look at the front of the box and buy some just because the card on there looks awesome :) I usually just trade the cards with my friends, though. so, good sir, you may want to change that up a bit...

  • Just threw my deck together!? Shouldn't be playing the game!? I have been dueling for years and put a lot of hard work into turning my cheap, makeshift deck into what it is today! Hunting for each specific individual card I need is no easy task!

    Dante Reece
  • Rotflmfaool, I use a machine deck (plus some warrior synchros/tuners, and Blockman), and I only lose to people who have more strategies than I do (at last count 62). I never play in tournaments, because I don't have time, but I stage neighborhood round robins, and usually come in 1st or 2nd. So update your questions/answers, gotoquiz.

  • lord of flood, ink flowing down my bloody face, a single tear boiling away on my hollowed shell, breaking away to a endless cutting,cutting,cut ting shelling and blows of every weapon, and my hair is gone, away in the wind of pain and sufferning, growing to a world on fire, billions dead and the light is faded, i am the gravemind, and life will be feed to me, and noone, no one can stop me.

  • for me it wasn't very helpful it just told me my deck was a fire deck and that's what 1/3 of it is another third is a dragon deck and finally my beasts my fencing fire ferrets combined with my hazy flame sphyx and cerberus easily blast through my opponent's life points no sweat and my gaurdian eatos and ultimate timelord are unstopable

  • wow i liked some of the choices it made me laugh good job. I don't agree that im a fire i use all different kinds and that works for me.

  • wow pretty impressive i gotta say the questions were a little lame but my results were 100% accurate.

  • dude ur quizz is fail i hav a deck that owns i didnt just thow thogether 50 cards at all ive been playing this for a while and im fairly good against most decks this is the most fail quiz ever

  • my deck is decent and consists of getting out my strongest extra deck monster by using redox and tempest's abilities.

  • dude not close at all. in my opinion dragon decks suck balls. i use a zombie deck not a stupid dragon deck.

  • Wow.......
    I use Yosenju. Not some random dragon deck.


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