Which Suite Life person are you?

You have the seen the show, and you've seen the characters, but have you ever wondered which personality you would fit the best? Then take this quiz! I hope you will play this quiz because it;s so cool and you will love finding out your inner Suite Life personality!

The Suite Life on Deck Quiz! Take it! it;s a lot of fun! You'll love to find out who you are most like. Take this quiz to find out your inner Suite Life Character!

Created by: Gabby Crolla
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you like to chill out, what would you prefer to do most?
  2. If you see a guy or a girl that you really like, how do you react when you get near him/her?
  3. What kind of pet would you like?
  4. What's your favorite subject?
  5. What would is your favorite artist?
  6. Which museum would interest you the most?
  7. approx. How old are you?
  8. What's your style?
  9. What place would you go on a date to?
  10. Who is your favorite Suite Life on Deck character?

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Quiz topic: Which Suite Life person am I?