AP Suite Life Exam

Take the ultimate Suite Life test. This is for only those who watching every single line of TSL. Test you're skills! NOTE: If at any time this test is too hard, you can drop out!

If you get 50% or higher, you are considered a Suite Life PHD. Remember, this test is not easy, but there comes a time in one's life that they have to see what draws the line between good and better.

Created by: Sana of imdb.com
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  1. In the episode, Club Twin, what night to Zack and Cody own the club?
  2. In the episode, Poor Little Rich Girl, why did Maddie have her room to herself?
  3. In the episode, Not So Suite Sixteen, where did she finally have her birthday party at?
  4. In the episode, Nurse Zack, Dr. Chip Walters' mom calls. Dr. Chip takes a picture with his patients. What does he say instead of saying "Say cheese!"
  5. In the episode, Poor Little Rich Girl, Maddie says she lives across which park?
  6. In the episode, Loosely Ballroom, who is Esteban's partner in the actual finale.
  7. In the episode, Lost in Translation, Maddie and London are stuck in the closet of London's. Out of hunger, what kind of belt is Maddie chewing on?
  8. In the episode, Miniature Golf, what did Mr. Moseby say his mother's name was?
  9. In the episode, Grounded on the 23rd Floor, which of London's friends were going to be at that wedding?
  10. In the episode, Nurse Zack, who put grape juice into the pool?
  11. In the episode, Have a Nice Trip, when Cody says, "Oh, its so cold in here, I should've worn more clothes." Who is he impersonating?
  12. In the episode, Volley Dad, where does Harvey put the proposal ring?
  13. In the episode, Bowling, Arwin was so nervous, he lost grip of bowling ball and it landed on his mother. How did it affect his mother?
  14. In the episode, Ah, Wilderness, what colors of paint did Maddie and London splatter on Carey's face?
  15. In the episode, What the Hey! what does Carey ask for to the store lady once she finds out she knows London?

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