How well do you the Suite life of zack and cody?

Do you know anything about the suite life of zack and cody! Well then take this quiz to find out if you do. These questions get slightly harder and harder as they go and some maybe tricky! Good luck!

Are u a fan of the suite life of zack and cody? Take this quiz to find out if you actually are! These questions get harder and harder so don't just sit there saying " this is gonna be a piece of cake!" actually jump up off you seat and actually take this quiz! You will be surprised with you score!

Created by: Kinita
  1. Who was the first person to say this " All is fair in love and war"
  2. After London came back from Peru she brought a mummie with her, what was the mummie's names?
  3. What was Cody's girl name in the beauty pageant?
  4. Who said this " Chihuahua's have freakishly large ears! I mean compared to their little body's they're just massive!"
  5. Cody has a girlfriend named....
  6. What is estaben's full name?
  7. In the episode where they shoot a commercial at the hotel, what did london forget?
  8. When Cody moved into the closet what was the first thing he said when he got in?
  9. Zack plays
  10. Maddies got detention because....

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Quiz topic: How well do I the Suite life of zack and cody?