The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Trivia

This trivia quiz is about the Disney Channel series - The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Answer all the questions to find out how much you know about the show!

The more episodes you've seen, the better! Several of the questions are from specific episodes, so if you haven't seen that one, you probably won't know the answer. There are also several questions about actors/actresses from the show, so you need to know the cast of The Suite Life!

Created by: Volitan
  1. In the episode The Fairest of Them All, Cody ends up competing in a beauty contest. What was he trying to win money for?
  2. In the episode Hotel Inspector, Mr. Moseby is fired. What do the twins invite to be held at the Tipton, to try to get him reinstated?
  3. In the Battle of the Bands episode, what's the name of the band that Zack & Cody were in?
  4. What's the name of London's spoiled dog?
  5. What actress plays the role of Carey on the show?
  6. In the episode Poor Little Rich girl, Mr. Tipton goes broke, and London has to temporarily stay with somebody else. Where does she stay?
  7. In the episode Rumors, who does London start a rumor about Maddie kissing?
  8. Jesse McCartney guest stars in which of the following episodes?
  9. In the Halloween episode, everybody thinks one of the suites in haunted. Which room do they think it is?
  10. Which actor plays Cody on the show?
  11. Which actor plays Zack on the show?
  12. What's the name of the episode where Ivana and Scamp (London & Maddie's dogs) fall in love?
  13. In the episode Free Tippy, London loses something that belongs to Maddie. What did she lose?
  14. In the episode Election, Zack and Cody run for school president. Who wins the election?
  15. What actress plays London on the show?
  16. In the episode Kept Man, what concert did Zack and Theo (the rich kid) want to go to?
  17. In the episode The Suite Smell of Success, Zack and Cody go to a parallel universe. Who's on the front of the quarters there?
  18. In the episode What the Hey, Zack and Cody skip school and go to the mall. Cody enters a contest there and uses a fake name - what name did he use?
  19. Which actress plays Maddie on the show?
  20. In the episode Ah, Wilderness, the twins and a few of their friends become Wilderness Scouts. Who was their scout leader?
  21. In the episode Nurse Zack, Carey and Cody are sick. Carey calls a doctor - what does the doctor say his name is?

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