Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Trivia

How much do you know about the Disney Channel show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Well, take this quiz and find out!

The quiz has several questions about TSL stuff, and most of it is mentioned at some time in the show, so the more episodes you've seen, the better!

Created by: Jesse
  1. What is the name of London's spoiled dog?
  2. In the Battle of the Bands episode, what is the name of the band that Zack and Cody are in?
  3. Who plays Maddie on the show?
  4. In the episode where Carey finds out she has a secret admirer, who did the secret admirer turn out to be?
  5. In which episode does Jesse McCartney guest star?
  6. In the episode Kept Man, Zack and Theo (the rich kid) wanted to go to which concert?
  7. Who plays Mr. Moseby on the show?
  8. In the episode Odd Couples, which guest star had to kiss Maddie in the end of the episode?
  9. Which of the following Suite Life actors played in the Disney movie High School Musical?
  10. In the episode The Fairest of Them All, when the boys' mom asks him why he was wearing a dress (near the end of the episode), what was his reason when he replied?
  11. In the Halloween episode, everyone thinks that one of the suites is "haunted". What room did they think it was?
  12. What is Zack & Cody's dad's name?
  13. In the episode Rumors, who does London start a rumor about Maddie kissing?
  14. What are the names of Zack & Cody's pet rats on the show?
  15. Who plays Carey (the boys' mom) on the show?
  16. In the episode The Suite Smell of Success, they twins travel to a parallel universe. Who's on the front of the quarters there?
  17. What twins play Zack & Cody Martin on the show?

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