what kind of mood are you

are you a happy go lucky person or is you like full of anger. this quiz will ask questions about you and your like to find out if your some emo that is against the world or if you are happy and content with your life

are you a happy or angry person to find out take this quiz and change for the better. if you turn out happy well done have a good life if you an angry person get help before it's to late it's not nice to go through life being angry

Created by: summer
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  1. does everyone seem to annoy you
  2. does the world glow with happy flowers
  3. do you wake up in the morning feeling happy about the day ahead
  4. do you love the black
  5. are you popular at school
  6. do you like your family
  7. are you happy with your life
  8. do you like your siblings
  9. do you have friends
  10. do you suck your thumb

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Quiz topic: What kind of mood am I