What smiley are you? :-)

This quiz is all about your mood. I put it in the form of smileys because I like them, and you can understand what the mood is easier. There are only 4 results at the end of the quiz and 12 questions. Good luck! ;-)

And now, I'm a few clicks of the mouse, you can find out what your mood is! If you think that this quiz is inaccurate, just leave a comment and tell me, this is my 1st quiz.

Created by: Chad
  1. How is you mood normally?
  2. If your friend comes up to you to say hi, but drops a 500 page textbook on you foot by accident, what do you do?
  3. You are walking on the street and you see a woman trip and her purse rips and everything come out, what do you do?
  4. How do you react if the teacher in school decides to give you and your class a pop quiz?
  5. You're supposed to be off from work. Suddenly, a phone call wakes you up and you answer and it is your work telling you that you have to go to work at the last minute. What do you do?
  6. What do you think of this quiz? (answers affect score barely)
  7. How would you normally react if your computer broke and you had to pay $300 to get a new one?
  8. What would you do if you got a scholarship from Harvard knowing it was going to be tough to learn there? (not saying it is, I don't know)
  9. What would you do if you got a dog, and the 1st thing it did is wreck your couch?
  10. Final Question! Pick a smiley!

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Quiz topic: What smiley am I? :-)