Smiley or Frowny Face

Are you an optimistic or a pessimistic? If you are an optimist you will see the silver lining in every one of these possible, odd, and well, just plain random scenarios. If you are an optimist you will be rewarded with lots of friends and positive things said about you!

If you are a pessimist (:(), you will see just how goofy you are! Take the quiz now and see if you are an optimist or a pessimist! Aren't you curious to see what you are????

Created by: Chloe
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  1. You want to take surfing lessons but your parents say no. You:
  2. The toughest (and meanest) girl/guy has been staring you down at lunch. You:
  3. Your new pet has been missing for an hour, you:
  4. An official looking letter arrives from your school addressed to you and your parents. You:
  5. When this year's volleyball list is posted and your name is last on the list you:
  6. Your brand new white summer dress (or shirt) took a tumble in the wash with a bunch of red stuff. Now its still pretty but its pink, you:
  7. The new person in class promised to invite you to his/her upcoming party. When your still empty handed three days until the ginormous bash you:
  8. Just when you were about to ask your best guy/girl friend (who you are secretly in love with) to the spring fling when (s)he starts flirting with the most popular girl.guy in school!
  9. The skirt/shorts you placed in lay-a-way was sold to someone else and it was the last one in stock, yu:
  10. You spent your life savings (about $75) on a sweet little kid's birthday present, you:

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