Which 'Mummy' are you?

Anyone can be a mother but it takes someone special to be a mummy. There are all kinds of mummies out there, big ones, small ones, skinny ones, tall ones. Some have smiley faces, some have frowny faces. Some go to work, some don't.

Whatever type of mummy you think you might be why not take our fun quiz and find out what you really are? You might be surprised!

Created by: farnborough girl of Pebbles Day Nursery
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  1. It's 7am, your little one jumps into bed for that early morning cuddle but urgh they have the worst case of morning breath ever. Do you:
  2. It's time to get dressed and you realise there're no clean uniforms ready. Do you:
  3. You're about to leave for nursery and you spot a dreaded lice in your child's hair. Do you:
  4. It's sports day, it's not raining so it's going ahead. Do you:
  5. Your friends suggest a night out. Do you:
  6. It's 5pm, you have nothing prepared for tonight's dinner. The kids go mad if it's not on the table at 5.30 on the dot. Do you:
  7. Hubby wants an early night tonight. Do you:
  8. Cbeebies is on a 4 hour loop and you know you've heard this theme tune once today already. Do you:
  9. It's the middle of the night and you hear that awful sound of 'Mummmmeeeeee, I feel sick'. Do you:
  10. You've had 8 months of your maternity leave; what are your thoughts on returning to work?

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Quiz topic: Which 'Mummy' am I?