Which Mummy Character Are You?

Have you watched The Mummy Movies? Think you know the people? Have you ever thought about which one you like? Ancksunamun is a feisty, energetic woman, Eevee has a thrill for adventure...which one are you?

Are you a passionate Eevee, ambitious Jonathan, or a smiley & calculating Ancksunamun? This quiz will ask you the crucial questions & reveal all You might be surprised! :)

Created by: Liz
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you are alone, you feel like watching a movie. Which one?
  2. What colour & style is your hair?
  3. What is your favourite style of song?
  4. You are in a shop & all of a sudden there is a hold-up. The leader turns his gun to you. Your next move is...
  5. Your wardrobe is...
  6. What would Rick do if someone suggested he needed a bath?
  7. Your boss makes a move on you (They are the opposite gender to you.). You turn around &...
  8. You win the lottery & get the opportunity to move to any country of your choice. Yours is...
  9. Your favourite drink is...
  10. What is your top dream?

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Quiz topic: Which Mummy Character am I?