How much do you know The Mummy?

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Do you love The Mummy like me, or are you just bored out of your mind? If you are the latter, find a quiz that you can get a nice, comfy score without feeling bad inside. If that's not you, and you love the Mummy movies just as much as I do, then stick around, Mummy buddy.

Live Mummy, Love Mummy, Laugh Mummy. That is something that my best friend Kayla said. She absolutely loves the first two installments, and not so sure about the third one. (no Rachel Weiz, Alex is a twenty five-30 year old wonder)

Created by: liz_king97
  1. Who plays Rick O'Connell in "The Mummy"?
  2. Who plays Evelyn (evy) Carnahan in "The Mummy"?
  3. Who, in the "prologue" bit, is speaking?
  4. Where does Evy work? What is it that she does?
  5. What is the third name that Evy calls out when she enters another room? (still in the museum)
  6. Where does Jonathan say he found the trinket he gave Evy?
  7. What is inside the trinket? Who do they (Evy & Jonathan) show it to?
  8. What does Evy promise the warden if he lets Rick live?
  9. Which caracter does Rick find on the boat?
  10. What are the Magi looking for when they sabatoge the boat?
  11. Who directed this movie?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know The Mummy?