Which Series on Netflix is for You?

Are you on Netflix, but you don't know what to watch? I know that feeling. That's why I created a quiz that tells you which series on Netflix you should watch next.

These are all great series and some of the results will give you recommendations for other series, too, so don't worry if you get a series that you've already watched.

Created by: Bubbles123

  1. Which genre are you most into?
  2. How Many Seasons Do You Want?
  3. Which Storyline Seems Most Interesting?
  4. Which Name Do You Prefer?
  5. Which Series Out of All of These Have You Watched? (Just click a random one if you haven't watched any of them)
  6. Why Did You Take This Quiz?
  7. Do You Have Netflix
  8. Are You/Do You
  9. What Age Are You?
  10. Are You Male or Female?

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