What lost and found Netflix character are you

Hey guys ever wondered who you are from the Netflix series lost and found well look no further now you can find out.I think you guys will enjoy this quiz.

Hope you have fun sorry if your a girl and you get a boy or if your a boy and you get a girl because I don’t think you would like that.........:):):):)

Created by: Leia

  1. Are you a male or Female
  2. What do your friends describe you as
  3. What colour is your hair
  4. Do you think Luke is cute
  5. Would you be Rachel’s friend
  6. Do you think Leia is bossy
  7. Do you think there should be a season 3
  8. Short or long hair
  9. Do you like this quiz
  10. Who you wanna be

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Quiz topic: What lost and found Netflix character am I