How Farnborough are you?

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Farnborough is a town in Hampshire but people who live here also have to search for jobs and houses and things in Berkshire and Surrey too cos they're all so bloody close. No one likes to admit they come from Farnborough but hey it's better than saying you're from Aldershot!

We've all taken the 'How Northern are you?' test and been relieved with the result; now lets see how Farnborough you may be surprised, this town can sure get a hold of you quick!

Created by: farnborough girl

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  1. Which college did you go to?
  2. What do you do when you see the Red Arrows?
  3. If you book in to the hotel by the roundabout in North Camp are you staying at:
  4. I think people from Aldershot are:
  5. If your spelling, punctuation & grammar is somewhat lacking, you can be pretty sure you went to which school?
  6. The Job Centre is:
  7. What is the name of the road starting at Farnborough Gate and taking you to Mytchett, Aldershot, Ash then Guildford
  8. The Tumbledown Dick is/was
  9. How many generations of your family came from Farnborough?
  10. 'Farnborough is a dump and full of chavs but it's where I grew up and it's where I call home.' I agree with this statement:

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Quiz topic: How Farnborough am I?