How Southampton Are You?

There are many people who claim to be from Southampton especially now that Saints are doing well. How well do you know the beloved one and only true Hampshire city?

Take a few seconds to find out 'how Southampton are you'. Be the envy of your friends who can only dream of being from such a prestigious 'Hampshire Hog' of a place.

Created by: Lisa

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  1. Who are the Saints?
  2. What is the Bargate?
  3. What do you think of Harry Redknapp?
  4. Where is Southampton?
  5. What is the Itchen?
  6. The Titanic's maiden voyage set sail from ______ to New York?
  7. Who designed the Spitfire?
  8. What is Southampton's French twin town?
  9. What is Tyrell's?
  10. Who or what are Skates?

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Quiz topic: How Southampton am I?