Wolf pack roleplay~~~ #1

No one reads this so much for a new York city of my mom and the first thing that I am going on a great day and then we can do it was a new York city is.

Haha! One way to get past the no gibberish error lol. By the way to do you have a new year and then we can you know how to do not sure that I will not. Lol

Created by: Yo momma
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  1. You wake up in you pack's (Flamepack's) community den. Next to you is a muddy brown wolf you've never seen before. He is pretty handsome. Most of the pack members are asleep, so you go out and talk to your best friend, Rosetail. Before long, the chocolate brown wolf emerges from the den. "Morning," he says brightly to you and Rosetail.
  2. "Hi," you reply, but he doesn't seem to hear. He waits by the den until a grey wolf appears and they talk. You carry on chatting with Roseclaw. "Well, that was..." She said. "Interesting," you continue.
  3. After a while, Rosetail has to go and talk with Cedarstar, the Alpha male. You are left alone. Soon, you notice a rabbit. No one else seems to see it, so you chase it to the edge of your territory. You accidentally stepped over the border and a lone wolf jumps out at you. He doesn't attack you, so you make the first move. You...
  4. "Hey, no need for that!" He said, scratching your paw gently. "I'm lost. But I'm pretty sure my pack don't need me back. Can I join yours?"
  5. You take the loner back to your territory. He starts to chat with you on the way back. You have a long conversation about hunting. He tells you that he was a hunter in his pack, and he once caught a massive stag alone. "Oh, and where are my manners? My name is Silverpaw," he says, just before you reach the alpha den. Cedarstar and Rubystar greet you and ask Silverpaw a few questions before allowing him into the pack. "Show him around, (your wolf name)," requests Rubystar. "Ok," you reply, and you start showing him the different dens.He looks you in the eye and you realise that his eyes are a deep blue.
  6. After you show him the dens, you take Silverpaw for a walk across the borderline. You get carried away with the chatting and wander over the border by accident! You are lost in seemingly unmarked territory and every time you hear a sound, your face darts to where it came from. Silverpaw was reassuring, but you were still worried.
  7. Soon, you start recognising trees from your territory and you know you are near camp. This is lucky because darkness would soon fall, and you didn't want to risk howling at the full mon in case wolves heard you. Soon, you come to the camp clearing. It is halflight, but you and Silverpaw decide to get to sleep early. Choco guy is already in the den. "Hi," he says. "You're that girl I saw earlier, aren't you?"
  8. "Well, I was wondering what you were doing tomorrow?" He hinted. "Oh, my name's Oakfur, by the way." "Ok, I'm not doing much. And it will be nice for Silverpaw to meet another member of the pack," you say.
  9. You sleep peacefully all night long and wake up at dawn the next morning. Silverclaw is gone, so you assume that he's awake. You go out and look for him, but he doesn't seem to be in camp.
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  11. Did ya like it? ☺

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