New York or LA?

New York is known as the greatest city on earth, and New Yorkers strongly believe in that. LA is the home of Hollywood, the greatest city for star spotting! But which city are YOU most like?

LA or NY? Do you have more east coast attitude or west coast cool? Which of these awesome cities are you? Take the quiz to find out and make sure that you let me know what you got!

Created by: Vanessa
  1. Would you rather....
  2. When your working on a project with someone you are more often:
  3. Are you a slow walker or fast walker?
  4. Which would be more important to you?
  5. Celebrating the holidays in 80 degree weather sounds like....
  6. When you think glamorous dream home (or the closest thing to it out of these choices) you think...
  7. Overcoats, scarves, and gloves-
  8. Riding the subway sounds:
  9. Do you like driving or riding in the car?
  10. Would you rather....
  11. Role play! You are walking down the street when someone bumps into you and you drop your bag. The person apologizes about a million times. You.....
  12. How do you feel in crowds?
  13. Another Role Play! You have been working on a project for school for hours and are kinda stressed out. After a while you start to feel a little hungry. What do you think?

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