How New York Are You

New York is a place that demands perfection. If you don't fit in with the real New Yorkers, you won't survive. See how long you can last in the Big Apple.

Are you a New Yorker? Are you part of America's largest city? This is a quiz to test your "New Yorkerness". See if you can roll with the boyz in Brooklyn. Or survive a day in Harlem. Live in a Manhattan penthouse.

Created by: Kevin
  1. Have you ever said "Fuggedaboudit"?
  2. Have you ever rooted for a Boston sports team?
  3. Do you know what a lunch under the umbrella is?
  4. How are most Manhattan streets named?
  5. How many boroughs are there?
  6. Do you remember going to Coney Island?
  7. The black market of pocketbooks is in what NYC neighborhood?
  8. What is Strong Island?
  9. What is the city park symbol?
  10. What is Battery Park?
  11. What is Staten Island mainly made of?

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