How New York are you?

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There are quite a few people from New York, they are struggling to meet the world's demands, yet stay at heart and make happiness of their life. Are you that?

Are you a true New Yorker or do you act a little different, or are you a New Yorker who should act a little different. Take a little while to find out! :)

Created by: Lindsay
  1. How often do you go out to dinner?
  2. How many words do you use to describe your kind of coffee?
  3. How long is your job?
  4. Are you suffering depression at the moment?
  5. What TV company do you have?
  6. My house is ___ degrees in the winter.
  7. Somebody bumps into you while your holding your something really important, and it drops, what do you do?
  8. Do you go on vacation and worry about things?
  9. Most commercials are about:
  10. When was the last time you got lucky?
  11. How often are you on the phone or the internet?
  12. How fast can you put on your shoes?
  13. Is this quiz taking up too much time?

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Quiz topic: How New York am I?