do u like the new york giants

There are many football fans, but how many Giant fans are there out there? Many come from the New York-New Jersey area, but they can be from all over.

Are YOU a Giant fan? Do you just say that, or is it true? Until now, you would never be able totruely find out. This quiz will tell you, along with other random questions, about how much of a fan (or traitor) you are.

Created by: bob
  1. Who is your favorite team?
  2. How many Giant game shave you been to?
  3. Who is number 72?
  4. How many jerseys do you have?
  5. Where do the Giants play?
  6. Do you like the New York Giants?
  7. which team do you hate the most?
  8. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  9. Who is your favorite player? (whichever Giant players you pick won't affect how much of a fan you are)
  10. How many points is a field goal?

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