What Do You Know About New Hampshire?

We enjoyed the other state quizzes but were disappointed that New Hampshire was missing one! We just couldn't allow that omission to stand! So, we put our heads together and came up with our submission!

We were compelled by our love and nostalgia for the state to create this quiz. We want everyone to come to know the scenic beauty and diverse places of interest that New Hampshire offers. The highways are well-kept, easy to travel and around the next corner is likely to be a breathtaking panorama!

Created by: Mary Kuntz
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  1. Which of the following rivers run through New Hampshire?
  2. What is a bob house?
  3. Where can you get a tour to look for moose at dusk?
  4. Which notch has lost a famous scenic site that was a symbol of the state?
  5. Where is the Cathedral of the Pines?
  6. What is the state bird of New Hampshire?
  7. What National Historic Site in located in Cornish?
  8. New Hampshire ties with Minnesota as:
  9. New Hampshire has:
  10. Canterbury was once home to what sect?
  11. How many covered bridges does the state contain?
  12. The original natives were the
  13. Besides Vermont, the Connecticut River defines the border between New Hampshire and
  14. The length of New Hampshire's seacoast is

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Quiz topic: What do I Know About New Hampshire?