What Tonight We Are song are you?

Tonight We Are? Never heard of them? Well, they are a peppy up and coming band from Southern New Hampshire. With them they wield a repertoire of about 20 songs written by themselves. You can find them at my space, just Search for tonight we are because I can't type a website into this quiz box.

This quiz is an analytical personality quiz, which will carfully disect every region of your emotional and subjective self to discern which Tonight We Are song you are

Created by: Sam
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  1. When deciding how to go about getting to TONIGHT WE ARE's next show you...
  2. The Show's over, and TWA is packing their gear. You have an option to super high five only one of the six strapping young lads. Which'll it be??
  3. It is a Dover Teencenter show and bands are switching, with this fat free time you:
  4. Tonight we are has reached a kink in the set list and they need a song to play. You yell:
  5. Mike breaks a string on his guitar. Which is it.
  6. The Band is taking suggestions for a cover song. You, the audience, yells:
  7. What format of cupcake is best.
  8. When dancing to TWA music, you:
  9. When you're walking down the street you:
  10. Tonight We Are is playing their last tune of the night, and someone yells encore! What song would you have them wrap up with?
  11. When Eating a Bagel, on it you have:
  12. Last Question: When Listening to Tonight We Are, you always wish there were more:

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Quiz topic: What Tonight We Are song am I?