Would you have survived the Titanic?

This quiz is to find out if you would survive the Titanic on it's horrible maiden voyage. Will you be able to survive? Will your class prevent you from surviving?

Or are you tough enough to survive? Would you help others along the way risking your life or would you just focus on your own survival? I hope you enjoy.

Created by: Jericho Randall
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose your class based on your annual household income (Sorry for who ever this offends but this is how it was back then):
  2. Which of these are you?
  3. Who are you traveling with?
  4. What would you spend most of your time doing on the ship?
  5. A crew member knocks on your door, telling you to put on your lifebelt and head up to the deck. What do you do?
  6. Now that your on deck, the crew members are starting to fill up the lifeboats and are saying, "Women and Children first." Are you able to get on the lifeboat?
  7. (Men only) The crew member says, "Any men want on the lifeboat?" You know very well that there are still hundreds of women and children on the boat, do you take the spot?
  8. (Women only) Your with your husband and the crew member offers you a spot on a lifeboat but they won't allow him on board, do you still take the spot?
  9. If your under the age of 15 what would class would you be in due to your parents income?
  10. It's the last lifeboat and you at the back of a group of people trying to get on it. What do you do?
  11. All of the lifeboats are gone, what do you do now?
  12. All of the lifeboats are gone, what do you do now?
  13. The ship has split in two and your on the stern end of it. The bow pulls the stern high in the air and leaves you hangin on the cold slipper bar, are you able to hold onto it?
  14. The ship has finally sunk and now your in the cold water with hundreds of other screaming people. What do you do now?
  15. Finally you see a lifeboat in a distance pulling in survivors. Are you able to swim in it after being in the freezing water for twenty minutes screaming for help. (Answer honestly if you want to get the true results)
  16. Last Question, do you think you would have survived?

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